Designing dial gauges has never been this easy!

Designed for iPad

Design dials in minutes instead of hours.

Designing dial gauges with generic drawing programs, bitmap or vector based, can be extremely time consuming.

GaugeMaster is designed from the ground up to make radial dial design extremely easy with the interactiveness of gestures on the iPad.



Automotive Design

"Exactly what you need if you want to design and print your own gauge dial faces to overlay your existing automotive instrument cluster."



Virtual and Physical Gauges

"With the ability to add text legends and bipolar number scales that can wrap with your scales to your gauge artwork, you will be able to make almost any type of gauge dial for professional and hobby applications."



Simple Edit Tools

Unlimited Layers

Radius and Angle Snap Heuristics

Tick Marks Editor

Text Arcs

PDF and PNG Exporting

Custom Font Support

Unlimited Undo



Industrial Gauges

"Thank u so much! This app made my work really very simple n fast!"


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